Finally, DE cycle one

November 18, 2009

Yikes! We got the call on Saturday that our donor got her hCG shot that afternoon and we had to be at the clinic (10 hours away by car) on Monday morning. It was way too late to book a flight so we threw some clothes in our bags, made various last-minute excuses for work and cancelled the dinner we were supposed to host that week. Sunday morning we hopped in the car and drove all day.

Earlier Saturday morning I was practically arguing with the supervisor at an u/s lab that does reproductive monitoring and is one of the only labs open on the weekend aside from actual fertility clinics, which I chose not to go to for various reasons. Anyway, she gave me a song and dance about not starting monitoring with them and now my results would probably be off, because of course the other labs could not possibly hire techs as good as hers. Or something like that. Then when I finally got to have the u/s after an hour of this, it became clear to me that she wanted to be very involved with her patients. But the truth is, she is not my doctor, or a doctor, and all she has to do is measure the goddamn lining! Send the numbers to my actual doctor, who will determine whether it’s decent. Anyway, that is just an aside.

Presently I’m in the city where the clinic is located, staying with my cousin. We weren’t sure whether it would be a day 3 or day 5 transfer. Most likely day 5 but it seemed prudent to stay here just in case. DH flew back home for the week and will be here on transfer day.

Monday afternoon we got a call that our donor hatched 19 eggs! 17 are mature. We did half ICSI, half regular IVF because we have not seen any difference for us with either approach.

We also met with our doctor for the first time (we had phone consultations in the past). The only thing I wanted to know was how he felt about transferring one embryo rather than two. I know many people that have gone to blast with two and ended up with twins. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I am very petite and I worry about early birth. Too many friends with preemies and it is very hard to get the kid up to corrected age; can’t imagine doing that with two! Anyway, he said something interesting: they have gotten away from “recommending” two blasts be transferred. They feel pretty comfortable with one; now they allow the couple to decide what to do, relatively confident in that blast’s ability to implant. So that was very reassuring as I’m planning on transferring one.

Tuesday morning I heard from the embryologist, who said that 11 embryos fertilized; 6 of those with ICSI. That seems like an equal opportunity fertilization rate so I’m not sure that I’ll go with ICSI if we have to do this again. I’d rather those little swimmers fight it out. May the best man win!

Embryologist said that they’re hoping to do day 5 transfer and I guess since I have not heard anything today, it won’t be day 3 (which is tomorrow). For the rest of the week I’m going to eat well and drink great wine.