IVF Baby Mix-Up

September 23, 2009

Everyone’s talking about it! Yes, media is sensationalistic but the public craves titillating stories like this one. In case you missed it (were you somehow not connected, wired, with TV and radio on, newspaper splayed open, crackberry beeping?), the long and the short of it is that a woman was impregnated by her IVF clinic with a different client’s embryo. Chalk it up to human failure and I guess, system failure which doubles back to human failure as the folks at the clinic clearly didn’t put the correct systems in place.

I think this is going to be fodder for all the people that are against reproductive technology. I can only imagine if she’d terminated the pregnancy and that had become public – watch out! So now she is a de facto surrogate.

It reminds me of the mantra the IVF docs all repeat: If you want a baby, at the end of this process, you will have a baby. They fail to mention that it might not be your own baby, the only reason couples try IVF. I always found that aphorism was bandied about like an affirmation and a justification. Like, you have to go through this process before you come out at the other end and either have a donor egg/sperm baby or adopt a baby.

The other point this raises is that IVF clinic staff are probably overworked and clinics may be understaffed at various points. I remember one of the clinics I used had staff problems for a while. The pay is probably not great and let’s face it, this is a for-profit business. But more on that in my later posts on my journey.

Bottom line, it’s devastating for everyone involved.