Well, it’s time for the first IUI at the new clinic and I’m having a totally new doctor do the insemination. Actually, he started the clinic and photos of him and his family line the waiting room walls. Oh yeah, and photos of him with all the babies he’s created.

Anyway, there I am, lying in the chair in my gown and he comes waltzing in. Blab, blab, blab… on he goes about I don’t know what. But my ears perk up when he asks if Dr. G- has tested my mucous. Nope, I say. “Well, we’re going past that with the IUI but I am doing a study to test how many women have this problem. Would you be part of the study? It might be the reason you haven’t been able to conceive,” he says. He explains it’s really simple and I can’t resist knowing the instant results. He takes a swab of my mucous and puts it on a glass plate. He takes some of the husbands semen and puts it on the same plate. He enlarges the display from the microscope and I’ll be damned! Those swimmers are drowning!

I am flabbergasted. I’ve been killing the husband’s sperm. He notes my results in the chart and quickly performs the IUI. Two weeks later I find out that despite bypassing the killer mucous, we are not pregnant. On a new visit to Dr. G- she completely dismisses the mucous test and theory. According to her, it’s not a reliable test and it definitely does not explain why we haven’t conceived with IUI. I am sad and frustrated again.