The Waiting Game

November 30, 2009

In an IVF cycle it’s hard to know which day is the worst day. Is it the first time you stick yourself with a needle? Is it towards the end of the drug regimen when you can’t find a virgin spot for the daily shot? Is it retrieval day when the nurse can’t find a vein because you’re so damn cold and the drugs don’t help you stop feeling the piercing of that huge needle on your ovaries? Or post-retrieval when the drugs finally wear off and you’re dealing with the aftermath? Perhaps it’s the day you go for your pregnancy test and the countdown ’til 3pm when you’ll get The Call?

Today is the dreaded pregnancy test day. I went in this morning and am trying — rather unsuccessfully — to ignore the fact that I’ll be getting a phone call later this afternoon. I think if I had an office job, I’d be more successful in “busy work” but as I’m a creative type, I’m finding myself somewhat blocked. Looking around my desk, I’m trying to see what else I can do. Well, it’s month-end, so I can do some accounting-type stuff, but that doesn’t take all day. Maybe I’ll shop for Christmas decorations; get the place feeling like a holiday is coming. Maybe I should just pick up a book that I’ll get swallowed up in. Argh! I hate the waiting game. I’ll let you all know whether I’ll be opening a bottle of wine tonight or not. In the meantime, I’d love to get feedback on the question of what is the worst day in the cycle?


2 Responses to “The Waiting Game”

  1. Jem Says:

    Worst day? Finding out it’s a BFN. Hands down.

    I’m hoping your DH is the only one drinking that wine tonight!

  2. Texas Mom Says:

    I have no answer for worst day of the IVF cycle-they are all bad because you have to actually do a cycle for the hope of getting pregnant. I’m hoping that no update late yesterday is because you have good news but can’t find the words yet, but I’ve seen enough blog posts that, when someone is getting a test and says they will post results that same day and then they don’t, it’s usually bad news. Here’s hoping it’s not. Best of luck.

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