How I Got from TTC to DE, Part 10: IUI or bust

October 23, 2009

We decide to sign up for some IUI cycles. Dr. G- tells me that she will put me on Gonal-F but a much lower dose as I’m a high responder. She will also monitor me closely, every second day.

It all starts out easily enough. The office visits stretch out for at least two hours, however. At this clinic, each patient sees her doctor on each visit and a decision on dosages, timing, etc., is taken at that visit. There are no phone calls in the afternoons, no wondering anxiously what I’m going to have to do next. But the payment for this is getting to know the patterns in the carpet on the clinic floor (when I can’t get a computer) — note to self — bring own laptop.

One of the things I start to resent is the kiddie play area. Whenever we have to come in on the weekends, it’s family day at the IVF clinic. All the moms with secondary infertility bring their kids. It is a total slap in the face. No, I don’t see it as hopeful. Both the husband and I see it as a stinging reminder of our own inability to conceive and I’m sorry, but the atmosphere is hormonally-charged enough without bringing real, live babies into the waiting room.

But for all that, I do admit that seeing Dr. G- on a regular basis makes me feel like she’s got a good grip on how things are progressing. She is able to get my ovaries to develop three follicles and to stop them from developing a fourth, which I have learned already is the line in the sand between IUI and IVF. Apparently allowing four follicles to potentially inseminate is medically unethical, but I guess Octomom’s specialist didn’t get that memo.

My insemination is going to be the following weekend and one of Dr. G’s colleagues will be covering the clinic. Oh well. I already know that IUI is a breeze.


One Response to “How I Got from TTC to DE, Part 10: IUI or bust”

  1. cat Says:

    I’ve recently read all your blog. You have a wonderful clarity of expression and I have laughed and cried as I’ve read your journey. While mine’s not exactly the same – it helps to know others are finding their way through infertility. Thank you. I too have found it really difficult to sit in the IVF clinic with people who have kids. It seems like a cruel joke. I hate seeing the advertisements in the paper for the clinic we used too – they have cute babies bottom’s on them – should they have needle punctured bellies instead, I wonder?
    (BYW – This will link to my craft blog but my infertility one is” )

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