So I’m back to the present thinking I’ll update you all on the actual donor egg cycle. We just received the contract and now things seem very real. I have been taking the BCP for a week or so and am on schedule to start Lupron next week. Taking the BCP is not a big deal at all but I think once I start injections, it will really sink in.

Once we chose our donor, we basically have heard nothing else about her. It’s kind of a weird feeling. I am finding that I want to know everything about her … more than all the stats we combed through in her dossier. Maybe this is due to the fact that it’s not my eggs this time. There is no comfort in that, except the possibility that I just might end up pregnant because the donor is so young. The very thought of this end result is affecting me in strange ways: I am more interested in my friends that are parents and their decisions about family, schools, child care, housing, etc. I am rethinking how and where I live. I am not making any major long term plans to do things like scuba-dive (by now I’d have a winter dive trip planned). And the odd thing is, I am okay with not being truly prepared in any physical sense (home, etc) for a kid, but sort of anticipating it.