Not gone… just away

October 7, 2009

Hey Ladies & Gents!

I haven’t abandoned my blog… I am just away on business and haven’t had time to post anything truly thoughtful. Being away from this blog makes me even more grateful that I have found a community and I am enjoying the conversation with you all, even though sometimes it feels like I’m incredibly self-absorbed, posting my (in)fertility journey.

Now here is something that I can say, given my experience this week. I’m away from home and my usual routine; having a terribly busy work week; plus a time zone change, which just kills me. And I have not felt badly or angry or cynical about infertility all week. Does extreme busy-ness dull all of that? Could it be that, when people suggest you bury yourself in your work (to “forget about” something, or to stop focusing on your grief or predicament), that their prescription actually works? I would suggest that one does not forget about one’s issues, but that it is possible to redirect one’s focus. That being said, does one just plod along or does one face the issue head-on in order to “deal” with it?