Hysterosonogram Tug-of-War

September 3, 2009

This whole field is so muddy and murky that it’s hard to trust yourself to make decisions. When I started this process about five years ago, I turned myself over to the infertility specialists. It’s made me realize that they will throw every test, every procedure, every drug at you to see if something sticks. By last year, I was starting to feel like a lab rat. And nothing was working.

When I met with the first fertility specialist, she quite forcefully stated that we’d better get on the IVF wagon, and quickly. We were alarmed. Surely if I didn’t feel old or look old at 35 then my eggs couldn’t be old or stale! But perhaps I should have jumped on that wagon and done 3-4 IVF cycles in one year, my feelings about it be damned. At the time, however, I still could not grasp what she was saying. It was inconceivable. I still believed it would work through IUI. Fast forward five or six years and two clinics and we are now onto a third clinic and a donor egg. Wow!

So, onto the title of my post. Donor clinic wants me to have a hysterosonogram or hysterosalpingogram. I really don’t. I am taking my fertility journey into my own hands and am relentlessly questioning the necessity of all and any tests and drugs. I’m looking into what would I do given various results. The low-down is that I had a normal HSG when I first waded into this morass. I had several IVFs where they scan the uterus. I’ve had numerous pelvic scans. One of my friends, an OBGYN, told me that the type of fibroid and size of polyp that would harm implantation would definitely be picked up by a proper pelvic ultrasound. Maybe you’d need an HSG for a more detailed look. He also said that there is quite a bit of debate in the field about whether removing polyps or fibroids assists in implantation. Apparently there are studies that are on the fence about this. And yet, we’re told to not question our doctors and just do it! It makes me very angry. The truth is, women with fibroids get pregnant all the time.  Actually, two good friends of mine did so at 40. Not that anecdotes tell us all that much. And yet.

I’ve just fired back a response to donor clinic. We’ll see what they say.

3 Responses to “Hysterosonogram Tug-of-War”

  1. Pam Says:

    Here from LFCA. I’ve been on the DE track for a while. 😦 Also had fibroids removed and have wondered if it was a mistake. In any case, we are where we are so we go forward with a postive attitude and hope we get what we want. Good luck on this journey.

  2. Dora Says:

    It really depends on where the fibroids/polyps are. I had a polyp in my uterine lining. From my research, this kind (called submucosal) almost always interferes with implantation. I started cycling/attempting to cycle after it was removed. When I moved on to donor (donor embryos), I insisted on another sonohysterogram (saline sono), which is not as difficult, IMO, as a hysterosalpingogram (dye test). My RE didn’t think it was necessary, but I wanted to be sure that nothing had grown back, and that my uterine cavity looked as good as possible before transferring quality embryos. The sonohysterogram is not pleasant, but doesn’t take that long, and didn’t cause problems afterwards. With the hysterosalpingogram, I was crampy for the dye for a few days.

    Honestly, I think it’s one of those things that isn’t that big a deal, and gave me a little extra peace of mind. And now I’m 26 weeks as of yesterday.

    Good luck!

  3. Claire Says:

    Hi, I’m here from LFCA. It sounds like you have really been through the wringer in your IF journey. Re: the decision: I don’t know why they would need to do anything but the saline sonogram; after all if you are using DE they only need to evaluate your uterus not your tubes. I hear you on not wanting to do another test but in my case I did not expect any problems on the saline sono and they found a large fibroids that was protruding into the uterus and would interfere with implantation. I had non invasive interuterine surgery and it took me a couple months to build up my lining over the wound. I have two fibroids in the wall of my uterus and they are staying put as they won’t interfere with pregnancy. I know some people don’t like saline sonos but I got lucky and the two I had were painless and quick. We are also doing DE and waiting for our secon donor to get tested ( first one was ineligible after testing and waiting). Good luck in your decision making and next steps

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